Summer Students Create Collaborate Video Project

Summer Music Intensive students group photo

Posted on August 11, 2017 by Matt Geske

Teen students in our Summer 2017 Residential Music & Art program worked together to create a fun short film, each utilizing their specific skills and talents to produce the piece. See the video here!

The students were involved in the Clarinet Academy, Percussion Academy, Music Composition, JumpstART Studio, Trumpet Academy and Music Recording programs. They conceived the concept, created and recorded the art/ set pieces, wrote the music, played the music and recorded the music! The Residential program RA Jeremy Killeen guided the students’ work in the evening hours after the regular day’s program was completed.

Project credits:
Art Design/ Animation: Chinonye Khagha
Music Composition, Performance and Recording: Claire Bassett, Teresa Jenkins, Samuel Oxford, Katelyn Proffitt, Christian Reynolds, Max Rosner, Matt Vice, and Jack Yagerline