Potomac Music students of all ages are given the opportunity to perform in the Fall and  Spring student recitals.  These recitals are a great time for students to show off their talent and skills to family and friends while gaining valuable performance experience.

Our recitals, which take place in the de Laski Performing Arts Building on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, are a professional yet casual affair which allow our community of students and their families and instructors to connect and support each other.  Recitals are free and open to the public.  Accompanists are provided.

Performers and parents, please read:

Artwork by our Visual Art students will also be on display in the de Laski lobby area during the recital weekend (fall semester only).   Additionally, our acting students will present their theater showcases in the Black Box Theater in the lower level of the building.
For our Theater Showcases, please visit the Acting For Young People webpages .


Fall 2017 Music Recitals 

Saturday December 9th and Sunday December 10th.
This is for all Potomac Arts Academy private lesson students.
Specific times and sign up sheet coming soon.


Other Music Performance Opportunities

2018 Music Competition

Our first annual Music Competition/ Fundraiser took place in Spring 2017 and was a huge success!   This competition was open to anyone in the community – not just Potomac students. A special “Finalist Recital” took place on June 11th in Mason’s Harris Theatre.  Please check back to the Music Competition page for updates about the Spring 2018 event.

2018 Spotlight on the Arts Festival

The City of Fairfax hosts an annual Spotlight on the Arts Festival in which Potomac participates with the following 2 events:

Student & Faculty Recital, date TBA

 This is free and open to the public and showcases the wonderful talent of both student and faculty found at Potomac Arts Academy.  Potomac students audition for a spot and perform alongside their fellow students and faculty members.

Faculty Recital, date TBA

 Join us for an afternoon of music presented by our many talented faculty members in the beautiful, historic Old Town Hall building.  This event is funded in part by the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts.


Recital Etiquette

Student recitals can be tremendously fun and valuable experiences for our music students.  Unfortunately, they can also be a source of some stress and anxiety if preparations aren’t complete and certain practices aren’t followed. Following are guidelines and rules of behavior all performers and audience members should follow during recitals or concerts.

See Helpful Guidelines

Guidelines For Performers 

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your recital start time so you can unpack your instrument and/or warm up in the practice rooms.
  • Dress nicely in concert attire, or your “Sunday Best”.
  • When it is your turn, walk up to the stage, take a bow, announce your name and the piece you will be playing. Begin when you are ready.
  • Acknowledge the audience both before and after the performance by taking a bow. If you have an accompanist, be sure to acknowledge him or her at the end of your performance when you are finished with your bow.
  • Last but not least, be a good listener while others are performing (see below).

 Guidelines For Audience members

 Attentive audiences make the best audiences!

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the recital so you can be comfortably seated when the recital starts. Late arrivals are distracting and may prove stressful for performers.
  • Turn off the sound/volume on all electronic devices.
  • Please remain in the audience for the entire Students work very hard for the opportunity to perform for an audience. Watching members of the audience leave as a performer walks on stage can be deflating.
  • Younger children in the audience should be kept as quiet as possible during the performance. Talking, whispering, walking around, making noise with papers, etc is extremely distracting to a performer and other audience members. Crying or fussy babies should be taken out to the lobby.  They are not happy, and neither is the audience or performer!
  • During a performance, recital hall doors are closed and should not be opened unless a piece is completed and the audience is clapping. Do not enter, exit or switch seats during a performance.
  • Videotaping is permitted, but please sit in the last row so as not to disturb other audience members.