Group Piano Classes


Piano Classes and Lessons
For Kids, Teens and Adults

Learn proper hand position and note reading techniques and more – and explore chord progressions and music scales  – in these fun piano classes! Mason’s Potomac Arts Academy in Fairfax, VA offers the perfect blend of university-quality piano teachers and a supportive environment with other community members.

About Our Piano Classes for Children
Our piano classes are an excellent introduction to beginner piano and basic musical concepts. Students will become familiar with the keyboard through games and exercises in class, along with some written theory practice for home. They will learn a variety of songs that will be practiced each week in class. Through singing and playing, students will be able to learn music at a comfortable pace. The teacher will do individual assessment for each student throughout the course of the class. At the conclusion of the classes, a small informal recital will be performed for parents and friends. After Level 2, students will be very well prepared with the necessary basics for beginner piano playing, and would easily be able to transition from the group classes to private piano lessons.


Choose from any of the classes below for Fall or Spring Semester:


Piano-55-ThumbBeginning Piano Lvl 1&2 For Adults 55+

 Piano-55-ThumbIntermediate Piano Lvl 1&2 For Adults 55+