Music Classes at Potomac


Music Classes and Lessons
For Kids, Teens and Adults

Learn how to sing, play piano, guitar and more – and explore composition and music theory – in these fun music classes! Mason’s Potomac Arts Academy in Fairfax, VA offers the perfect blend of university-quality music teachers and a supportive environment with other community members.

When you join Potomac Arts Academy for music classes, you become part of the George Mason University community!  Many of our faculty members are Mason professors or highly recommended graduate music students.  All of our faculty members, regardless of University affiliation, are highly qualified, dedicated and experienced  musicians and performers.   We strive to provide the highest level of instruction while creating a supportive relationship with our students and instilling a lifelong love of music.



Private lessons offer individual instruction geared specifically to each students needs and goals.  All experience levels and ages are welcome, however we recommend starting with GROUP MUSIC CLASSES (see below) when possible, then progressing to private music lessons.  For voice lessons, most teachers recommmend starting when a students voice is fully developed after puberty.  However, younger students can start with GROUP VOICE CLASSES as early as age 5 to learn basics of strong vocal technique with proper breathing, vocal exercises and basic musicianship in a fun, engaging environment.


Learn more about group music classes:





Private music lessons:

Along with group classes, we offer private one-on-one lessons for most instruments, including:




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