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November 20, 2015 Newsletter
"Fun Theater Event This Saturday at B&N"
"Spring Classes Are Ready!"
"Game Design & Programming"

Please note that some links may be outdated at time of viewing.

September 25, 2015 Newsletter
"Fall 2015 Classes Have Begun"
"Theater Performance & STEAM Event"
"Open House at Mason"

August 28, 2015 Newsletter
"Fall 2015 Game Design Classes"
"Archived On-Line SCRiYB Courses"
"MARi Digital Badges"

August 21, 2015 Newsletter
"Best for Families Awards 2015 Winner"
"First Steps in Music for Ages 1-7"
"Fall Game Design Preview"

August 6, 2015 Newsletter
"Fall Classes Are Now Open!"
"Game & Technology Fall Preview"
"Landscape Painting Class"

July 10, 2015 Newsletter
"Last Minute Summer Camp Ideas"

June 26, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer Camp Season Has Begun!"
"Mason Summer Brass Academy"
"Workshops at Microsoft/ Tysons Mall"

June 12, 2015 Newsletter
"ArtsQuest Summer Camp for Kids"
"Children's Choral Camp"
"Children's Musical Cabaret"

June 05, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer Workshops for Music Instructors"
"Teacher Training/ Game Design & STEM"
"Potomac Wins Family Magazine Awards"

May 22, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer Acting Camps at Mason"
"Theater Tech Bootcamp"
"Performathon Video"

May 08, 2015 Newsletter
"Create, Perform and Record Your Music"
"Guitar and Ukulele Workshops"
"Spring Recitals and Showcases"

May 01, 2015 Newsletter
"Spring Recital & Showcase Weekend"
"Free Screening of Big Dream Documentary"
"Spotlight on the Arts Upcoming Performances"

April 24, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer 2015 Art & Photography Camps"
"Spotlight on the Arts Events"
"Spring Performathon Fundraiser"

April 10, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer 2015 Strings Programs for Youth"
"Spotlight on the Arts Recital"
"Spring Performathon Fundraiser"

March 27, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer Dance Intensive 2015 at Mason"
"Film & Video Production Summer Camp"
"Spring Performathon Fundraiser"

March 06, 2015 Newsletter
"Potomac Featured in NoVa Magazine"
"Looking Ahead to Potomac Events"
"Spring Game Design Workshops"

February 13, 2015 Newsletter
"On-Line Game Design Summer Courses"
"Last Chance to Sign Up for Spring Classes"

January 30, 2015 Newsletter
"Spring Classes Start In Just Two Weeks"
"Honors Percussion Ensemble"
"Introducting First Steps in Music"

January 16, 2015 Newsletter
"Summer 2015 Camps & Workshops Now Open"
"Teacher Training at GMU This Summer"
"Spring Semester at Potomac Arts Academy"

January 09, 2015 Newsletter
"Mason Game & Technology News"
"SCRiYB Mobile Education"
"MGTA Teachers and NASA"

Beg December 2014 Newsletter
"Potomac Winter Recitals and Showcases"
"Holiday Food Drive"
"Encore Chorale Holiday Concert"

Mid November 2014 Newsletter
"Our Spring 2015 Class Schedule"
"Spring Theater Classes"
"Potomac Gift Certificates"

Mid October 2014 Newsletter
"Help Us Shape Our Future"
 (Potomac Survey)

Beg October 2014 Newsletter
"H.S. Musicians Experience College Life"
"College Scholarship Announcement"
"Wake up, Brother Bear!"

Mid September 2014 Newsletter
"Last Call for Fall 2014 Classes"
"Chamber Music Openings"
"Whodunit? Broadway-Style"

Beg September 2014 Newsletter
"Nurture Your Child's Growth Thru Arts Education"
"Mason Drumline Auditions"
"Events Coming Up at Mason"

End August 2014 Newsletter
"Potomac Wins 'Best For Families 2014' Awards"
"Grammy Nominee to Teach Guitar Classes"
"Potomac Goes Global This Summer"

Beg August 2014 Newsletter
"Fall 2014 Class Schedule and Registration"
"Private Music Lessons"
"Game & Technology Courses!"

Mid July 2014 Newsletter
"Summer Arts at Mason is in Full Swing"
"Run Boy Run Concert in Vienna"
"Fall Schedule Coming Soon!"

End June 2014 Newsletter
"Workshops for Music Educators"
"Summer Performances for Kids at the Hylton PAC"
"Summer Arts at Mason: July 2014"

Beg June 2014 Newsletter
"Summer Music Camps for Young Children"
"Summer Piano and Violin Camps for Kids"
"Encore Chorale to Perform at Kennedy Center"

Mid May 2014 Newsletter
"Summer Music Composition Workshop at GMU"
"Summer Guitar Workshop"
"Summer Percussion Workshop"

Beg May 2014 Newsletter
"Ovations Summer Strings Academy at GMU"
"Mason Summer Jazz Workshop"
"Spring 2014 Music Recitals"

Beg April 2014 Newsletter
"Mason Game & Technology Institute"
"NEW! Cyber Security Courses"
"MGTI in Maryland and DC"

Mid March 2014 Newsletter
"Summer Art Camps at GMU"
"Photography Workshop for Teens"
"Spring Art Foundations Class Blog"

Mid February 2014 Newsletter
"Supporting Arts Education in Our Schools"
"Ways You Can Help Our Mission"
"Summer E-Catalog"

Beg February 2014 Newsletter
"Spring 2014 Semester Starts Now!"
"Attention: Music Teachers"
"Summer E-Catalog"

Mid January Newsletter 2014
"Let Your Summer Planning Begin"
"Spring Classes Start Jan/Feb"
"Renew Private Lessons"

Mid December Newsletter 2013
"Fall 2013 Music Recitals Slideshow"
"Fall 2013 Art Show a Success"
"Group Piano Class Recitals"

Beg December Newsletter 2013
"Fall 2013 Recital & Showcase Weekend"
"Spring Classes Starting Jan/Feb"
"Teen Vocal Group Gives A Show!"

End November Newsletter 2013
"New Songwriting Class Next Semester"
"Potomac Fall Recital Weekend Dec 14th & 15th"
"Fall Piano Classes Are A Hit!"

Mid November Newsletter 2013
"Plan Ahead for New Jan/Feb Class Schedule"
"Potomac Joins Books4Africa Book Drive"
"Potomac at Community Arts Education Conference"

Mid October Newsletter 2013
"Announcing Spring Game Design Classes"
"Potomac Welcomes Encore Chorale"
"Potomac Now On Twitter"

Beg October Newsletter 2013
"Free Audition Workshop at GMU"
"Chamber Music Group Opportunities"
"Watch Our Video"

Mid September Newsletter 2013
"Fall Open House This Sunday"
"Chamber Music Ensemble Opportunities"
"New Acting Classes"

Beg September Newsletter 2013
"Your Community Arts School at Mason"
"Fall Open House"
"Free Trial Piano Class for Senior Adults 55+"

Beg August Newsletter 2013
"Fall Semester: Bring Your Artistic Dreams to Life!"
"Weekend Computer Game Design Classes"
"Private Music Instruction Changes"

Mid July Newsletter 2013
"Rolland Strings Emphasizes Healthy Playing"
"Potomac Student Performs on Capitol Steps"
"Summer Percussion Workshop"

End June Newsletter 2013
"You Belong On Broadway!"
"Children's Choral Camp"
"Guitar Summer Workshop"

Beg June Newsletter 2013
"Young Children: Sing, Dance, Play and Create!"
"Vocal Camps for Kids and Teens"
"Richardson Studio Recital"

End May Newsletter 2013
"Music Teachers: Recharge at Mason"
"Baroque Dance Concert"
"Potomac Piano Students at Festival"

Mid May Newsletter 2013
"Watch Our Video!"
"Program Ideas?"
"What's Happening - Summer"

Mid April Newsletter 2013
"Fantastic Summer Jazz Program"
"Spring Recitals & Showcases"
"Music Instructors Wanted"

Beg April Newsletter 2013
"String Players Shine at Orchestra Camp"
"Potomac Spotlight on the Arts"
"Matt & Michelle Richardson Recital"


Mid March Newsletter 2013
"Summer Arts Programs at Mason"
"Your Community Arts School on YouTube"
"Music Teachers, Earn Certification..."

Mid February Newsletter 2013
"Spring Activities for Young Children"
"Sing-Dance-Create!" Summer Camps


MLK Tribute Beg February Newsletter 2013
"Black History Month Celebration Concert"



Mid January Newsletter 2013
"Computer Game Design Summer Program"
"Spring Classes Begin Mid February"
Summer 2013 Preview

Beg December Newsletter 2012
"Senior Adult 'Encore Chorale" in Concert!"
"High School Honors Music Festival in January"
"Fall 2012 Recitals and Showcases"

Beg November Newsletter 2012
" Registration Open for Spring Classes!"
"More Choice and More Fun for Kids Under 8"
"James Myers to Perform in Cantorial"


Newsletter Mid October Newsletter 2012

Newsletter Beg October Newsletter 2012

Newsletter Mid September Newsletter 2012

Newsletter Beg September Newsletter 2012

NewsletterMid August Newsletter 2012






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