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For Potomac Registrants:
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Private Music Lessons
Acting Classes
Fall & Spring Acting Classes are presented by our theater division
Acting For Young People

Programs for children, teens
and adults!

Summer Acting Programs
Visual Art Classes
Our Fall & Spring Saturday Art Classes take place at the wonderful GMU School of Art on campus. We have classes for all ages!


Summer Art & Photography
Game & Technology
The Mason Game & Technology Academy offers weeklong and weekend classes and programs in Fall, Spring and Summer!

Computer Game Design/
STEM Teacher Training
Summer Programs
Teacher Training
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Registration FAQs & Tips

You can also register over the phone by calling 703-993-9889 during regular business hours.

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Your donations help support Potomac's community Outreach programs, scholarships, educational programs, and more - THANK YOU!

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FAQ about Potomac Arts Academy

Class Registration and policies:

  1. Is on line registration available?
    A) Yes, we are happy to offer online registration for your convenience!
  2. Is it possible to register for a class after it has started?
    A) Registering for a class after the start date is at the discretion of the class instructor – please contact Potomac for more information.
  3. If I withdraw from the class, can I get a refund?
    A) Request for refunds must be made in writing to the Potomac Arts Academy. The refund schedule is as follows:
    *Before the first scheduled class: 100% (minus $50 registration fee)
    *Before the second scheduled class: 75% (minus $50 registration fee)
    *Before the thrid scheduled class: 50% (minus $50 registration fee)
    *Refunds will NOT be given after the third scheduled class.
  4. Can I register over the phone?
    A) Yes, a Potomac staff member can register you over the phone if you pay by credit card. Please call during regular business hours.
  5. Is there a class payment plan?
    A) Yes, payment options are available for many activities. Please contact Potomac for more information.
  6. Is there a special rate for GMU employees?
    A) Yes, GMU employees and their family members enjoy 10% off all tuition fees for regular semester classes (excludes Private Lessons and Summer Programs). Please call our office to find out how to obtain your discount.
  7. Who should I contact if I have to miss a class?
    A) Please contact the Potomac office if you are unable to attend.
  8. What is your inclement weather policy?        
    A) Potomac Academy will follow the FCPS policy for class cancelations.  If FCPS is canceled, all Potomac classes are canceled.  If FCPS is closing 1 or 2 hours early, afternoon and evening PAC classes are canceled.  

Additional FAQ’s:

  1. What is the age range of your typical student?
    A) Potomac has no “typical” student.  We welcome all of those with an interest and passion for the arts, regardless of age, ability or economic background.  We have students that are young and young at heart!
  2. I would like to take a class through Potomac, but I need a scholarship. What can I do?
    A) Contact the Potomac office for more information about scholarship and work study programs. 
  3. I would like to donate an instrument to Instruments in the Attic. How do I do that?
  4. I would like to donate to Potomac. How do I do that?
    A) GREAT!  Please click on the "Donate Today" button on the right side of the web page.
  5. I would like to volunteer for a Potomac event – how do I let you know?
    A) Please click on the "Contact Us" button on the left side of the web page.
  6. Do you offer summer programs?
    A) YES! Please check out or Summer Programs page , we offer a multitude of opportunities in the summer.
  7. Do any of your programs run for college credit?
    A) Currently, four of our summer programs ( Piano Pedagogy, Orff Schulwerk Teacher Certification, Kodaly Teacher Training, and Paul Rolland String Method Workshop) run for college credit.  Our year round classes are not run for college credit. 
  8. I’m interested in private lessons- what do I do?
    A) Please click on the "Individual Lessons" tab on the left side of the web page and submit the e-form.  We will do our best to find a suitable instructor from our Mason community of arts educators.
  9.  Where do your classes take place?
    A) We have several locations, click here for Directions.
  10.  I played the piano when I was young, and I really miss it. What can I do?
    A) Take our adult piano class!!! It’s never too late to (re)learn an instrument, or learn to paint, or act!